Online Education Requirements

In order to successfully pursue an online education, you will have to meet certain technological and personal requirements. These requirements can be met at varying levels and the level to which you have them will influence how successful you can be.

Technological Requirements

A working computer: Obviously, in order to pursue an online education you should have a functioning computer at least basic word processing capability (even Notepad or a different text editor). Often schools will have Internet access to programs you may need to complete some technical classes, or even have trial versions of programs available for download that you can use. You need to possess at least basic knowledge of how a computer functions using a mouse and keyboard.

Software: If you purchased your computer in a store, it probably came with all of the software you need in order to take most online courses. You do not normally need to run out and buy an advanced suite of software such as Microsoft Office, but if you do have it, it will most likely come in handy.

Internet Connection: While it is technically possible to complete an online education using a dial-up connection, it is not recommended. Consider calling your Internet Service Provider and upgrading your service to a high speed DSL or cable connection so that you can take better advantage of the technological/streaming features that are a part of a Delaware Online Education.

Personal Requirements

In addition to knowing the basics of technology, such as computers and the Internet, you should also possess some basic personal traits that will help you succeed in your online educational goals.

Time-management skills: If you’re the kind of person who finds a schedule stifling then you may be interested in an online education. On the other hand, if you can never find time to accomplish the things to you need to do in a given day, then you might have trouble with an online education. A typical week in one 3-credit course will require you to read up to 50 pages of material then report on it in some fashion or another as well as possibly communicate via discussion board. Procrastinating these things until the end of a week is a sure way to end up behind in your grades.

A place for private study: If you’re a busy mother or a stressed bachelor, you also want to keep in mind that you will need a private place to read, think and complete your coursework. If you are part of a family, especially with young children, this may mean the need to escape to the local library on a regular basis.

Time in front of a computer: If you spend all day in front of a computer for your job and hate it, or you just don’t like computers in general, online education may not be the best thing for you. While some courses will allow you minimal online computer time to simply post or upload your assignments, others may have the study materials that you need entirely online requiring an extensive amount of time spent staring at the screen.