Your Checklist for Applying to Online Schools

Just because applying to online colleges and universities is more convenient and involves less steps than the traditional method, doesn’t mean the admissions process or your online search should be taken lightly. There are tons of online universities around the nation that students apply to all the time. However, it is important to remember that the online schools you’re considering  should meet your own checklist of requirements. Don’t have such a checklist to refer to? Then take note of the following requirements below to point you in the right direction.

Is the Online School Accredited?

Even though there are a ton of online schools out there, not all of them are accredited. Being accredited, either nationally or regionally, is important for online universities because it gives these educational institutions the necessary approval to be eligible for federal and state financial aid programs. Additionally, attending an online school that is accredited makes it much easier when it comes to transferring credits between online colleges. If the online colleges you’re considering are not accredited, it is best to leave it off your list.

Your Admissions Experience to Online Schools

The interactions you have with an admissions officer (phone, email, regular mail) from the online universities you’re interested in should play a role in your checklist. The admissions process should be one that you’re comfortable with and anyone that you speak with should not pressure you into applying or be hesitant to provide you with answers to your questions. The best admissions officers have students’ best interests at heart, even if it means not enrolling in their degree program.

Degree Program Availability and Strength of the Program

Not all degree programs are the same, just as not all colleges and universities are the same. When pursuing the online educational route it is important to make sure that the online universities on your list offer the degree program you’re interested in. If not, move on to the next choice. Aside from making sure your degree program is available, it is just as important to check that the online school has a good track record for the strength of its programs. You’ll want to get your degree from a school that will properly prepare you for entering the workforce and going after your dream career. So instead of settling for a degree program that is rated “so-so”, shoot for the ones that you know will give you the education and experience you need and look impressive on a resume.

Additionally, it is a good idea to compare the degree programs and their curriculum among your choices. See what types of classes are being offered and which best suit your desired career goals.

Tuition & Financial Aid Options

A common myth many college bound students have when dealing with online universities is cheap compared to enrolling in a traditional college or university. However, this is not very accurate. While there are definitely ways to save money by attending an online school, the cost of tuition is still a hefty amount for most people to afford. Compare the total costs of tuition between the online schools you’re looking at and decide which one will be the easiest for you to afford. Also do research about your financial aid options, such as applying for the FAFSA, start saving your money and seek scholarships to help you cover any school-related expenses.

This basic checklist will help you sort through your options and make finding the right online school much easier.

How to write a thesis statement

It is important to learn how to write a thesis statement whether you are writing a short thesis or a doctoral paper. Arguably, how to make a thesis statement is the most challenging part of a research paper. It is debatably be the most challenging sentence to form. An actual thesis statement defines the importance of the paper and thus purposes to control, assert and outline your whole argument. Without a strong thesis, your argument will be weak, deficient in direction and boring to the reader. Here are some tips that can guide you through the process of writing a thesis statement:

State your thesis statement correctly

Basically, a thesis statement expresses to the reader the opinions or arguments you wish to create in a paper. As such, it serves as a road plan by addressing to the reader the direction of your view or analysis and how you will understand the significance of the topic. In the easiest of terms, a thesis statement addresses the question, “What is this essay about?”

Get the sound right

So, how do you write a thesis statement? If you need your thesis statement to be recognizable as a thesis statement, you will require to do this by taking a very specific tone and using precise kinds of phraseology and words. Therefore, it is advisable to use words like “because” and any language that is firm and definitive.

Know where to place a thesis statement

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Owing to the key role a thesis statement plays, they occur at the beginning of the paper, generally at the close of the initial paragraph or anywhere in the introduction. Although a majority of people try to find the thesis at the close of the first paragraph, its position can rest on a number of features such as how long your introduction will be before you can present your thesis or the length of your essay.

Explore your topic

The objective of this phase is to discover a particular narrow theme in your topic which you can make an opinion about how to write thesis statement. For instance, selecting the topic of computers. There are numerous characteristics of computers that can be improved on such as software, programming and hardware. Nevertheless, unclear topics like these do not define a good thesis. But something narrower, such as the impact of Steve Jobs on the current computer industry, permits for a much vibrant focus.

Keep your thesis statement narrow in scope.

You ought to address a particular concern in great part so that your ideas can be fully reinforced in the body of the essay.

Advantages Of Taking College Courses Online

After graduating high school, most people’s next step in life is to attend college. Most teenagers get a thrill thinking about moving away, meeting new people and being able to live on their own without anyone really telling them what to do. However, there are those that do not feel as if they need the typical college experience to complete their life. Some opt to attend college online for many reasons; one of them being that the college experience just doesn’t suit their personality. Another reason is that, overall, taking online courses are cheaper than actually attending class at a college or university. There are many advantages of choosing online learning as your path.

One of the advantages is that it gives the student geographic and time flexibility. Taking online courses means that you don’t have to commute to class every day. You could live in New Jersey and take online classes anywhere in the world if you wanted to. You are not restricted to a certain area to get your education. Time flexibility is also a perk of taking online courses. There are generally no set times that you have to be on your computer to do your work, which gives you the ability to work the class around your schedule instead of the other way around.

This is great for those who have to work to put themselves through college and need to fit their work schedule into their school schedule. One of the biggest perks that stands out to students taking online courses is that note taking is unnecessary. Almost all college students despise taking notes and now you don’t have to! Everything is written out for you and put online for your convenience. What you do with it is up to you, but if you happen to zone out, no need to worry about missing something important – just reread the material.

As previously stated in the beginning of this article, college is not for everyone. One of the advantages of taking online courses is that it can be far less intimidating than actually attending class. Sure you don’t get that social interaction with people your own age; however, class discussions, one-on-one presentations, public speaking assignments and debates can be a very nerve-wracking experience for people who may not be as outgoing as others. When looking to enroll in college courses online, make sure you check out all your options.

Compare the costs of different online programs and schools and see, not only the courses that interest you, but if you can afford the program that school is offering. Some schools charge by the credit; however, other schools may charge by the course you are taking, so it is vital to figure out how many courses you need to take to get the degree you want. If you think that online learning is right for you, check out all your options and enroll in the classes you are interested in. Whether you are physically attending class or going through the process on your computer, it doesn’t matter – you are still learning and expanding your knowledge and that’s the important thing.

When Should You Consider Getting a Tutor?

It’s frustrating. You’ve taken notes in class and studied as hard as you could, but you still don’t quite grasp the topic. Maybe your grades are slipping, or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a learning disorder such as attention deficit disorder or dyslexia.

One option you might consider is hiring a private tutor to help you get up-to-speed. If you’re facing any of the following situations, a tutor might be the best answer.

You Learn Better One-on-One

Some students do just fine in a classroom environment, but others struggle. If you have problems with your attention span anyway, it can be hard to listen to the instructor when there is so much going on around you.

If you work with a private tutor, the environment is far less stimulating, and everything is focused on your unique needs. The extra attention may be just the help you require to understand the material being presented.

You’re Having Trouble with One or Two Classes

Perhaps you’re doing great in your program except for one or two classes. Even the smartest students may have learning blocks in some areas.

For instance, just because someone is a whiz in math doesn’t mean he or she will have an easy time in English. A tutor can help you go back to the last point where you really understood the lessons and then work with you to help you catch up.

You Need Help with a Specific Skill Set

Maybe you know the correct answers but have trouble expressing them verbally or in writing. Students who speak English as a second language (ESL) often run into this problem. A tutor can work with you to strengthen the skills that make classwork difficult.

For instance, he or she can edit your papers and point out grammar and spelling errors that can detract from your final grade. A word to the wise: many schools that offer degree programs have free remedial classes in English and free writing clinics. If you are able to learn in a group setting, these resources can save you the money of hiring a private tutor.

You Have Weak Study Habits

Surprisingly, it’s often the most intelligent students who don’t know how to study. If you’ve been able to get by in high school or even the first couple of years of college without having to study much, you may not have learned the study skills you’ll need as the classes get harder. A tutor can help you develop a study schedule and keep you on task until you get used to studying a little every day.

If you’re having problems preparing for your college classes, a tutor can be exactly the answer you’re looking for. If you suspect you need extra help, don’t delay. Start working with a tutor now and watch your grades steadily improve.

The Best Careers for Vacation-Minded Individuals

Some individuals dream of making money and others of retirement. For all those vacation-lovers who work to live and not the other way around, going to work all day, every day will eventually take its toll. It may not seem like it at first glance, but there are careers that will best cater to your need for respite. These jobs do NOT centre on long hours and minimal leave, and while they may not pay amazing salaries they do offer fantastic leave benefits.

The Best Careers in 2017 for Vacation-Lovers:

Teaching: You probably expected teaching to top the list, and you were right to do so. Often cited as the vocation with the most vacation days, the joy of being a teacher boils down to its unparalleled leave package that averages five months a year. Sounds magical right? Also notorious for its traditionally low pay rates, the best teaching jobs are professor positions at universities that offer a compelling combination of high pay, schedule flexibility, and long vacation periods.

Financial Services: The finance sector definitely offers some of the best career fields to get into if you’re vacation-minded. Become a financial investor and follow their traditional saying “sell in May and go away.”  Following the yearly trend of market activities, which tend to slow down during June, July and August, investors are known to vacate Wall Street during the summer months and take an unofficial vacation. If you are not keen on investment, banks are also known to give generous leave packages of up to twenty working days to loyal employees.

Government: Not advertised for its high pay grade, government positions are considered some of the best career opportunities for their generous health care, retirement and leave benefits. Enjoying 40 hour weeks alongside generous vacation days that only get better the longer you stick around.

Money isn’t all there is, especially if you don’t have time to spend it

If your definition of the best career in the world does not revolve around money, promotions and the potential to dominate an entire industry, but rather depends on the moments that you can spend outside of the office, then it is time to consider your options. Once you have decided that your priorities are not money-centric but vocationally vacation-ready, you can look for work that fits your description of job perfection. You might just land yourself the career with the best perk of them all – long holidays!

The Highs & Lows Of Being A Doctor

We’ve all heard of the Hippocratic Oath and know that Hippocrates is considered to be the father of western medicine. In the 2400 years that have passed since the Greek physician penned the words doctors swear to live by, a lot has changed. But one thing has remained constant. Doctors have always been held in high regard. Well, almost always.

The Doctor Knows Best, Right?

In the past, we put wholesale faith in doctors, assuming they always knew best. But did they? Abraham Lincoln suffered from depression. His doctor prescribed a blue pill called “blue mass.” It was considered a wonder drug and was used to treat toothaches, constipation, tuberculosis, you name it. While on blue mass, Lincoln experienced fits of rage and deep depression. Why? The pill contained something we would never consume today, mercury! Wisely, Lincoln stopped taking the drug.

All Hail the Internet

Today’s consumers are a savvy lot. Whether you’re shopping for a car, a new TV, or a family doctor, we not only have many choices, we have a wealth of research material at our fingertips, via the internet. We are also far better educated than the average person was in the past and of course, we know so much more about our bodys than we used to. Think about this. If you went back to say, the mid 1800′s with the contents of your medicine cabinet, you could probably cure minor ailments more successfully than a doctor from that time.

How the Mighty Have Fallen

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t complained that they spent an hour and a half in their doctor’s waiting room, or expressed cynically that it must be nice to play golf every Wednesday. Sometimes we give them the benefit of the doubt by blaming the current state of health care. But is it really just big bucks and tropical vacations for doctors these days? Have they fallen so far from grace as to be considered a necessary evil?

The Other Side of the Coin

As someone who is admittedly a profession cynic, I do try to balance my views by looking at the whole picture. Becoming a doctor takes an enormous investment in both time and discipline, leaving some in as much as a quarter million dollars in debt when they graduate. Once you land a job or begin your practice, you’ve begun a career that is more prone to runaway law suits than just about any other. That’s a scary landscape to traverse in my book.

Ask a Silly Question

Do you want to know why your doctor became a doctor? I did, so I asked. I’ve asked my family doctor, my dentist, and on the occasion that I needed to see a specialist, I’ve asked them too. The answers always express a desire to help people, a desire for knowledge, and if you can get them to open up, an admission that there is a lot of red tape to work through, as well a certain amount of concern about legal issues. Ultimately, they also say they love what they would do.

Practicing Medicine

A friend once told me the notion that doctors practice medicine scared him. He wondered why, after all that education, are they still practicing? In reality, a good doctor is like any good professional. They work hard, acknowledge that they don’t know everything and partner with their clients. We’re all practicing at whatever it is we do. The best way to know what its like to be a doctor is to ask. You’ll be surprised how it changes your relationship with him/her.

Methods of Improving Spoken English

Numerous of us have stumbled with spoken English, and have felt embarrassed in interviews and whilst socializing, or in an workplace. Not being able to speak English correctly becomes a problem when you are wanting to land that promotion, or communicate with other folks. You’ll find approaches to improve the fluency of one’s spoken English, and here are some tried and tested methods.

Speak much more in English. They say that practice makes almost everything excellent, and they’re right. Once you talk far more, you discover much more, and you begin feeling much more comfy using the language. Even when it sounds wrong, preserve speaking, and if possible ask a person fluent within the language to edit your speech, and inform you where you might be going wrong.

Read a lot more English. Reading appropriate, right English really aids in understanding the language greater. Study far more books in English, or get oneself a newspaper subscription, and read the news every single day in English. This is a tried and tested method advised, because if you read a lot more, you comprehend the language much better. Try incorporating statements which you might have study within the books or newspaper into your speech.

Don’t translate but make an effort to feel in English even though you’re speaking. One of the most significant mistakes we make is by considering in a diverse language, then translate it in English, then say it out loud. This tends to make the complete process cumbersome, and yes, it requires up time. Do not make that error. Try and believe in English and say it out loud. It’ll not be simple, but it will work.

Incorporate much more English terms within your own language. If you are speaking your very own language, try incorporating English terms into it to familiarize your self with all the language a lot more. A single from the problems with a lot of people is that they usually do not understand how to use specific terms whilst speaking.

Discover Much better Grammar. This may possibly sound truly boring, but the truth is, the far better your grammar, the far better your probabilities of nailing spoken English. Most of the people end up making mistakes by saying one thing incorrectly, due to negative grammar. Quit the habit, make certain your grammar is very good. Because ultimately, it matters if your grammar is incorrect.

Watch Motion pictures in English. To improve your speech, watch much more English films, preferably with subtitles. Read the words and try and speak it the way they speak inside the movies, which goes a long way in enhancing your personal speech and creating it sound just like the way they do. In addition, it improves pronunciation and improves language significantly.

Study a Thesaurus. Thesaurus aids in finding out new terms, and learning new words will boost your language significantly. This can be a easy and straightforward way of finding far better terms and using them although speaking. Reading a thesaurus also aids you realize far more English.

Look up a dictionary once you can. Dictionaries are helpful once you don’t know the which means of a word, or how it is possible to use it appropriately. Making use of a dictionary to understand a new word is constantly an excellent notion. You’ll be able to simply study up a few words making use of it, and apply it once you speak.

These are basic techniques of learning better English and speaking it appropriately. They may be small ideas, however they go a long way in improving your language.

An Overview of Courses

Making the correct career selection is one amongst the foremost necessary choices within the lifetime of a young adult. a decent and aware selection would facilitate him chart out the longer term course of his life properly. If the choice is created in hurry while not considering all the execs and cons concerned it’s going to signal the start of a awfully troublesome innovate one’s life. The cdecision concerning career has such a way reaching implication that one should devote adequate time to make an accurate call. There area unit varied selections obtainable for a student nowadays. the subsequent list below mentions many of the foremost wanted and remunerative career choice for an individual nowadays.


MBA or Master of Business Administration is one amongst the foremost wanted career choices nowadays. The course imparts relevant coaching and information concerning swish functioning of companies. Students area unit given correct purposeful and sensible information through category area coaching, case studies and seminars. there’s a high degree of contact with the business because the Master in Business program is business directed. the most streams of specialization that one will prefer are:

· Finance

· promoting

· Human Resources

· Systems and IT

Besides these there area unit a number of knowledge domain specializations and twin specialization choices obtainable to students. In Asian country the IIMs, IIFT, FMS, SP Jain Institute and IMT Ghaziabad area unit a number of the putative management colleges, additional magnificently called B-schools, that is Associate in Nursing abbreviation for business colleges. They conduct entrance examinations once a year for his or her 2 year PGDBA programs, that is understand because the Common power take a look at or the CAT. additionally to CAT, there area unit a number of alternative entrance tests like GMAT, MAT and AIMA, the several that area unit accepted by several b-schools. There area unit several b-schools in Asian country and across the globe nowadays. The trick lies in choosing the most effective institute in line with one’s power and career aspirations. typically a graduate with five hundredth combination marks is eligible for the Master in Business program. the doorway take a look at includes of written take a look at, discussion and a private interview.


Technical coaching may be a vital a part of our education system. Engineers area unit one amongst the foremost necessary pillars of our society and that they contribute considerably to the expansion of a rustic. There area unit varied engineering faculties in Asian country out of that the IITs, IISC, NITs and government engineering faculties area unit the foremost putative. They conduct entrance tests that area unit to be taken by students once the upper secondary examinations. There area unit varied branches of engineering such as:

· Engineering

· natural philosophy

· Electrical

· applied science

· Mechanical

· Instrumentation

· Production

· Chemical

· Civil

· scientific discipline

· part

· Automobile

· IT

An engineer is trained during a explicit trade and is predicted to contribute technically. Besides the specializations mentioned on top of, there area unit a number of various streams furthermore as cross-disciplinary specializations that offer a large array of data to the scholars.

Information technology (IT)

IT is a growing field nowadays and engineers and managers with specialization in IT area unit needed to manage varied IT based mostly systems and processes nowadays. it’s utilized in leading edge processes as well as networking and natural philosophy additionally to finding use in typical engineering based mostly industries. {for example|for instance|as Associate in Nursing example} a steel manufacturer or an automobile manufacturer installs IT to optimize the assembly, cut back prices and minimize losses. varied styles of computer code like RDBMS systems and ERP systems facilitate the business contour the business processes and grow speedily. processing and data intensive computer code and applications want IT professionals to form the product operate swimmingly. A student inquisitive about this field might prefer a relevant program and institute.

Whatever be the career selection, one is suggested to travel for direction and take a mental test to grasp if the career selection one is creating suits him well. In today’s speedily dynamic  and international situation, one should be ready to update oneself perpetually and re-invent in line with the requirement of the hour.

Disadvantages of going to University

Despite the various blessings related to obtaining a university education; this is not a path that everybody needs to require. Some students execrate faculty and appearance forward to obtaining out of the education system as before long as doable, whereas others value opt to take a more job route and learn new skills whereas they work. though having a university education will open up a wider vary of job opportunities, if you do not want a degree to pursue the career you are fascinated by, why bother?

After all, getting a university education is not low cost. it’s going to be fairly simple to induce a student loan, however the cash must be paid back within the finish, even though interest rates keep low. there’s increasing competition to induce into the simplest universities, so several universities area unit charging students more cash, that means that students embark of university in larger debt than students would have in previous years.

You not solely have to be compelled to pay tuition fees; you furthermore may have to be compelled to realize the cash to obtain accommodation, nights out, moreover as books and alternative bits and items that area unit needed for your studies. you would possibly be tempted to induce employment whereas you study, however it will be extraordinarily troublesome combining employment and your studies, if you do not wish your grades to suffer. the idea is that a university education can provide you with access to higher paid jobs, so though it would price plenty to travel to college, you may eventually build the cash back, and more. However, there’s no guarantee you may find yourself in an exceedingly well-paid job, then you’ll be left with debts that you simply area unit unable to pay off.

University will be associate discouraging place to be, and you’ll not desire you belong there, particularly if no-one in your family has ever been to college. University tends to be dominated by lower-middle-class students, then if you’re at the lower finish of the social scale you would possibly realize it exhausting to relate to others. It does not facilitate that about to university sometimes suggests that feat home, so you break from your former ties. you’ll be able to end up missing friends and family, which can have an effect on your studies.

You may not fancy the topic you have got chosen to check, however feel you have to be compelled to stick at it, despite the fact that you recognize for successive 3 or four years you’re about to extremely struggle to encourage yourself.

Going to university will be a positive expertise, but this can be not forever the case, and for a few individuals the disadvantages of about to university outweigh any potential edges.

Benefits of Online Education

Students across the country are turning to the Internet to get a degree, complete a degree or learn a new trade. Online education is becoming an attractive alternative for many students because of the great flexibility and diversity of course offerings. If you’re thinking of discovering your online education, make sure you’re well aware of all the benefits made available to you:

Flexibility: Students can study online at any time, from any location as long as there’s an Internet. This flexibility allows students to work their education into their existing schedules, rather than have to take time away from work to complete their schooling.

Diversity of programs: Where previously online education was limited to small trade or technical schools, today’s online programs come in nearly all academic genres and disciplines. Students can take engineering classes online, learn to design Web pages, get creative writing certificates and even become an interior designer. Chances are, you can find an online program in the exact discipline you’re interested in. And if it’s not available now – it’ll probably be offered soon.

It’s a win-win: Online programs benefit students and the educational institutions. It’s not always what we might consider – but online classes cost a college or university less. Think about it: No classrooms to book, no desks, chairs, marker boards – no costs of heating or cooling a building. A virtual classroom costs virtually nothing, just the costs for instructors and setting up the technology. Universities like online programs just as much as students.

Help for procrastinators: We all have that friend – maybe we ARE that friend – who just fell short of finishing school. Online programs allow students to take that last two or three classes and finally get the degree they worked so hard to achieve. Find out whether your credits will transfer to a new institution, or whether your previous one will offer any required courses online. You could find that your existing credits will transfer into a new degree program at another college or university, or you can use your previous education as a foundation for another type of major and degree. You might be surprised how simple it can be to finally finish your degree.

Great for working professionals: The days of the 40-hour workweek seem to have disappeared. Workers now spend more time on the job, whether they’re telecommuting, taking business trips or bringing extra work home with them. Fortunately, workers don’t have to sacrifice their educations for their careers. Many online programs are developed with working professionals in mind, and some even will encourage you to incorporate your real-life work into your class work.

Diverse student body: Chances are, your previous educational experience included students who were the same age as you. But as an online student, you’ll be studying along with students of all ages from all walks of life. You could have a classmate in a foreign country, or one who already has a master’s degree. This diversity will be reflected in your class discussions and projects. You’ll find that your experiences will impact your classmates, just as their real-life stories can be informative for you.