Rejected? Consider a Gap Year

Did not get into any of the schools you have applied to? Do not need to worry and certainly do not let this bring you down because here is something to consider; this might be an excellent opportunity in disguise. This is basically an opportunity to rethink and thoroughly consider all of your options once more. You are done with high school and you feel like you are going to lose at least a year but that is not true. Have you ever heard of a gap year? Well if you have not, now you will and probably will decide to take one.

Consider it like this; you have been in school since you were a little kid, non-stop from elementary school to high school with only summer breaks. Thus, why not take this, what might seem like an unfortunate event and turn it into a year where you call the shots simply because it is your year. So basically a gap year is a time period between high school and your real college experience where you start taking courses at a community college of your choice and find a part time job to gain some real life experience. This will be the perfect beginning of your life after high school if you really think about it.

Decide on what you might want to major in after your gap year and if you have a couple of options, you can start taking courses at a community college accordingly which will also give you an opportunity to test a lot of courses out which will eventually help you decide what major you will want to be. In the meantime, you can find a job and start saving up for school if you live with your parents as you won’t have many expenses.

What if you do not want to take courses at a community college at all? Well, there is another idea that has been quite popular for quite some time; travelling abroad, for instance bag packing across Europe. Travelling with friends for a long abroad might sound like it is just wasting time but indeed it is not. You will learn a lot and you will definitely become worldly and cultured which is again something that will help you prepare you for the real world. Of course, if you start taking courses at a community college that can be transferred to a 4-year school of your choice, then you will have a head start when you finally start your 4-year university.