Some Driving Tips For College Students With Cars

A lot of things have changed over the years since the earlier days of college. Now it can prove to be quite difficult to get to college via public transport or by walking, and it sometimes is the only option to travel to college by car. Although the majority of people live on campus, some people don’t, and for those people: you’ll need to work out how you’re going to manage having a car. You’ll also probably need a car even if you do live on campus, as having a car can be very useful, especially at a younger age when you will be going out a lot and of course meeting people if you’re interested in networking. Don’t worry; it’s not as hard it sounds to have a car.

First obviously make sure you’re insured and taxed and your car is in good condition.

You might want to think about a car accident kit just in case, and this kit should include a first aid kit, a blanket, possibly flares, a flashlight, some batteries, some jumper cables, a pen, a piece of paper, some emergency contact numbers and of course your proof of insurance.

You should also take a drive around college and the surrounding area, making sure you know exactly where your local essentials are based, including where you will be getting groceries and such.

Make sure you know exactly where you will be able to park your car and try and find a free space that doesn’t cost you any money – parking can cost a lot of money after a few months, the prices can build up.

You need to also remain very alert when driving around college, there will be a lot of people around! Keep fully aware of all pedestrians on campus.

Make it a habit to lock your car and don’t leave any personal belongings of any value in your car or on show. This is a simple trick but you will be much safer this way.

What can’t be emphasized enough is the fact that you shouldn’t drink and drive. Don’t do it – not only do you put your life at stake, but you put others’ lives at stake that are on the road with you (and anyone else’s in your or their car). Most people are mature enough to not even think about doing it anyway, but be aware!