The Benefits of Taking a Foreign Language in College

In college most students focus primarily on taking courses that will give them the training and experience to get a job in their desired field. But there are other types of classes that students should look into that not only have the ability to complement their regular studies but provide additional benefits that could help them land their dream job in the long run. Taking a foreign language is one such course.

Even if you’ve taken a foreign language in high school, why not brush up on your skills by continuing your studies during your college years? In fact, students that have already taken a foreign language class before have a huge advantage over those that are just starting during their college years. Enrolling in additional classes to learn a second language during this time increases the odds that an individual will become fluent. Or if you’re looking for a challenge, sign up for a new foreign language class if you aren’t interested in continuing to learn the second language you’ve already studied before. Nothing is more impressive than a college graduate with the ability to speak two or more languages.

Aside from having bragging rights, picking up a foreign language in college provides a score of benefits after graduation. This type of skill is highly desired by many employers in various industries and could make the difference between them choosing you for the position or going for someone else. Depending on the type of career you’re hoping to secure after college, knowing a second language is often a mandatory requirement for potential employees. If you know the job you want favors knowing a foreign language, jump on those classes right away so that you can add this skill to your resume.

Not only does possessing foreign language skills increase your odds for getting a great, high paying job, it could also open up the door for travel. Many international companies are looking for individuals that have the language skills to travel and work abroad with their international clients. College students that dream of living and working in another country can easily bring themselves closer to this goal by becoming fluent in a second language (or more). While there are specific college majors that call for international travel, even students majoring in other areas may still be able to find a job position that will allow them to work outside of their country.

If you’re not sure as to which language to study, do online research to see which job positions are currently the most profitable and call for foreign language skills. For example, students pursuing a Business degree will want to find out what markets/locations are hiring and where the companies mainly do business or if they have international clientele. This could help point you in the right direction as to which foreign languages are the most sought after when it comes to getting hired in those positions.

Some colleges and universities make it a requirement for their students to take a foreign language class as part of their core studies. Stanford University is one of them and requires one complete year of college-level study.

Overall, students that take a foreign language also tend to have stronger personal development skills, as well as the opportunity to learn and appreciate another culture.