The Best Careers for Vacation-Minded Individuals

Some individuals dream of making money and others of retirement. For all those vacation-lovers who work to live and not the other way around, going to work all day, every day will eventually take its toll. It may not seem like it at first glance, but there are careers that will best cater to your need for respite. These jobs do NOT centre on long hours and minimal leave, and while they may not pay amazing salaries they do offer fantastic leave benefits.

The Best Careers in 2017 for Vacation-Lovers:

Teaching: You probably expected teaching to top the list, and you were right to do so. Often cited as the vocation with the most vacation days, the joy of being a teacher boils down to its unparalleled leave package that averages five months a year. Sounds magical right? Also notorious for its traditionally low pay rates, the best teaching jobs are professor positions at universities that offer a compelling combination of high pay, schedule flexibility, and long vacation periods.

Financial Services: The finance sector definitely offers some of the best career fields to get into if you’re vacation-minded. Become a financial investor and follow their traditional saying “sell in May and go away.”  Following the yearly trend of market activities, which tend to slow down during June, July and August, investors are known to vacate Wall Street during the summer months and take an unofficial vacation. If you are not keen on investment, banks are also known to give generous leave packages of up to twenty working days to loyal employees.

Government: Not advertised for its high pay grade, government positions are considered some of the best career opportunities for their generous health care, retirement and leave benefits. Enjoying 40 hour weeks alongside generous vacation days that only get better the longer you stick around.

Money isn’t all there is, especially if you don’t have time to spend it

If your definition of the best career in the world does not revolve around money, promotions and the potential to dominate an entire industry, but rather depends on the moments that you can spend outside of the office, then it is time to consider your options. Once you have decided that your priorities are not money-centric but vocationally vacation-ready, you can look for work that fits your description of job perfection. You might just land yourself the career with the best perk of them all – long holidays!